Who are the people behind Outsole? Why did they start Outsole? How did they grow like that? Where does that passion for sneakers come from? In recent years we have done countless interviews and participated in the dopest media programs. These questions are all answered through sweet interviews in newspapers and magazines, television, radio, and podcasts.

How we were able to grow our sneaker hobby into Outsole and the attention we get for this… we live in our sneaker dream every day!

For example, we have been part of Dutch television shows as SBS 6 Verzamelkoorts !, RTL 4 EditieNL, Radio NPO 1, PowNed, and platforms such as Vice, Manners, and Sneakerplaats. Dutch hero Valerio Zeno also came by to record an episode for Out of The Box. In this series on Videoland, Valerio dives into the world of sneakers, streetwear, and designer toys. Together with Valerio and rap artist Kraantje Pappie we joined Sneakerjagers for the podcast “On Air”. We talk about our passion for sneakers, exclusive pairs, the history of Outsole, and many other fun and interesting topics.


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