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Adidas Laces: The Perfect Upgrade for Your Sneakers

Give your Adidas sneakers a stylish boost with our top-quality laces!

The perfect match for your unique style

  • Extensive color collection: Choose from classic, bright, or trendy colors to personalize your sneakers and match your unique style.
  • Comfortable experience: Made of soft and smooth material for a pleasant feel.
  • Durability guaranteed: The strong laces last a long time, even with intensive use.
  • The best laces for a problem-free lacing experience.

Different variants for your needs

  • Flat laces: Sleek and modern look, faster to tie.
  • Yeezy round laces: Unique look with a premium feel.
  • Campus laces: Extra grip and sturdiness due to the wider structure.
  • Colored Tips laces: Add a pop of color with colored tips.

What length laces do I need?

For most low-top Adidas sneakers, we recommend buying 120 cm laces.

If you are unsure, you can measure your current laces.

  • Choose 20 cm less if you don’t tie your laces or if your size is smaller than EU 38.5.
  • Choose 20 cm longer if you prefer long lace loops or if your size is larger than EU 46.

Complete your Adidas sneakers with our top-quality laces!

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