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Asics Laces: The Perfect Upgrade for Your Sneakers

Give your Asics sneakers a stylish boost with our high-quality laces!

The perfect match for your unique style

  • Extensive color collection: Choose from classic, bright, or neutral colors to personalize your sneakers.
  • Comfortable experience: Made of soft and smooth material for a pleasant feel.
  • Durability guaranteed: The strong laces last long, even with intensive use.
  • Easy to tie: The smooth structure ensures a problem-free lacing experience.

Different variants for your needs

  • Flat laces: Sleek and modern look, faster to tie.
  • Round laces: Comfortable and classic look.
  • Textured laces: Extra grip and sturdiness.
  • Colored tips laces: Add a pop of color with colored tips.
  • Special laces: Reflective laces, laces with a lace lock, etc.

What length laces do I need?

For most low-top Asics sneakers, we recommend buying 120 cm laces. If you are unsure, you can measure your current laces. Choose 20 cm less if you don’t tie your laces or if your size is smaller than EU 38.5. Choose 20 cm longer if you prefer long lace loops or if your size is larger than EU 46.

Complete your Asics sneakers with our laces!

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