Find the Perfect Laces for Your Nike Shoes!

Looking for new laces for your Nike sneakers? Discover our extensive range of laces at Outsole, specially designed for your favorite Nike models!

What length and style of laces do you need?

  • Different models, different lengths: The length of the laces varies per model. For example, the Air Max 1 requires 120 cm laces, while the Air Max 90 requires 140 cm laces.
  • Air Max: striking colors: Air Max models often have laces with a striking color that matches the design of the shoe.
  • Jordans and Dunks: other sizes: Other sizes apply to Jordans and Dunks. You will find extensive advice on the correct length on the product pages.
  • Dunks: various styles: Different styles of laces are available for the Dunk Low and High and SB Dunk Low and High, from solid colors to striking patterns, in flat and oval versions.

Choose the perfect match!

  • Solid or patterned: Choose laces that match the colors and design of your shoes.
  • Make a statement: Give your shoes a new look with unique laces.
  • Quality and service: All our laces are made of high-quality materials and are delivered quickly.

Order your new laces at Outsole today!


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