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Adidas sneakers

The most exclusive Adidas sneakers online. Looking for limited-edition Adidas sneakers? We sell various limited models of this wonderful brand, such as the Adidas Tech Super, Torsion Integral, ZX 8000, and Adidas ZX Flux. You will not find our Adidas sneakers in regular stores. Outsole’s Adidas sneakers are collector’s items from the past years. Distinguish yourself with a pair of rare Adidas sneakers that you won’t find on the street. Adidas is a German brand and guarantees high-quality sporty sneakers. Not only the quality but especially the classic designs are what make this brand a great sneaker. A pair of sneakers from this unique brand should therefore not be missing in your sneaker collection.

Brand name

In 1924, Adi Dassler founded the shoe company “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik” in a small town of Bavaria (in Germany). His mission was to provide the athletes with the best equipment. With a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam, Adi Dassler achieved his first success.

In 1949 he restarted and his company started operating under the name “Adi Dassler Adidas Sportschuhfabrik”. In the same year, he released the first shoe with the well-known legendary three stripes. The German team won the World Cup in 1954 and guess what shoes were worn by this team… This was Adidas’s big breakthrough in football.

This was followed by many other athletes who had gained confidence in this unique brand.

In this way, this brand has worked its way up to where they are now, one of the most beautiful and largest shoe brands if you ask us.

Iconic shoes

Adidas has released many iconic shoes over the years. We would like to highlight a few below.


One of the coolest pairs for us is the ZX8000. With this shoe, a new turn was taken in the revolution of sports shoes. With this shoe, a light cushioning has been added to the midsole. This was not the only success of this great shoe. In the following years, it became the best known and most successful retro shoe from Adidas. From the eighties until today, new ZX8000 sneakers are still being released.

Tech Super

As collectors, we should not forget the Tech Super either. In the ’90s, this shoe stood out as a medium-distance running shoe. The “Soft Cell” technology has been added to the sole which leads to excellent walking comfort. In 2013, the 90s were revived by releasing retro models of the Tech Super. We are eternally grateful to Adidas for this because we as collectors were able to add lovely couples to our collection again.

ZX Flux

The last pair that we as collectors want to highlight is the ZX Flux. This shoe is a descendant of the ZX8000. The combination of the ZX8000 functions and a street-style sneaker look have created this great shoe. This is also the last pair added to the ZX family so far.


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