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Adidas Colored Tip Laces: Make Your Sneakers Unique!

Upgrade your Adidas sneakers with Adidas Colored Tip Laces!

Add a pop of color and personality with our unique laces featuring colored tips.

Choose from a wide range of colors

  • Classic colors: Black, white, brown, gray
  • Bright colors: Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink
  • Neon colors: Green, yellow, pink, orange
  • Trendy colors: Lilac, mint green

The possibilities are endless!

  • Mix and match different colors and styles.
  • Perfectly match your sneakers with your outfit and individuality.
  • Make a statement with unique color combinations.

Adidas Colored Tip Laces

  • Comfortable: Made of high-quality material for a pleasant feel while wearing.
  • Durable: The strong laces and tips last long, even with intensive use.
  • Unique: Give your sneakers a whole new look and stand out from the crowd.

What length laces do I need?

For most low-top Adidas models, we recommend buying 120 cm laces.

If you are unsure, you can measure your current laces.

  • Choose 20 cm less if you don’t tie your laces or if your size is smaller than EU 38.5.
  • Choose 20 cm longer if you prefer long lace loops or if your size is larger than EU 46. The best laces for your Adidas sneakers!


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