Outsole is more than just selling second-hand exclusive sneakers and Nike laces. We are also just sneaker collectors. That is why we keep on saying: from sneaker enthusiasts, for sneaker enthusiasts. We think it is fantastic to be able to share our knowledge with you. Over the years we have stored so many facts and figures and we notice that most of them cannot be found online at all. That is why we write a blog every now and then. Reading material for you as a sneakerhead! Below we highlight five of our blogs.

The differences between men’s sneakers and women’s sneakers

In this blog, we will tell you what types of sizes there are for sneakers. You have the MEN sizes and the WMNS sizes, but they are certainly not the only ones. There are also GS (grade school), Y (young), and even sneaker versions for babies.

We explain the difference between men’s and women’s versions. Useful information if you want to buy a WMNS sneaker as a man or a MEN sneaker as a woman. For example, the heel of the WMNS is slightly narrower and these sneakers are 0.5 cm larger. However, we also explain why this does not matter at all in the end.

Do you want to know how this all works exactly and how you can recognize a WMNS or MEN sneaker? Then quickly check out this blog and we will update your knowledge!

All Nike Air Max 1 & 90 Hyperstrikes and Friends & Family releases in one overview

What are the most expensive Air Max 1s & 90s? What are the most exclusive Air Max 1s & 90s? These are typical questions that go through the mind of a sneaker enthusiast. You will find your answer in so-called Hyperstrikes. These are the rarest sneakers that exist. These sneakers have never been sold in stores, but only given to friends and family.

A very cool sneaker that we highlight, for example, is the Parra x Albert Heijn Hyperstrike. The Albert Heijn is the most expensive Nike Air Max 1 in the world! In addition, the Air Max 1 Masters of Air F&F, Amsterdam Hyperstrike, HUF Hyperstrike, and many other bizarre sneakers are featured.

Do you want to know what the most expensive and rarest Air Maxes are? Read it in this blog. There are many more holy grails to go after than you ever imagined!

How do I recognize a fake, counterfeit, or replica Nike Air Max 1 sneaker?

For a sneaker lover, a “fake” sneaker is a taboo. No Go. Really can’t. Yet everyone almost secretly falls for it once. The worst situation is that someone will approach you on the street and tell you that your sneakers are fake. Of course, you have to avoid this at all costs, to avoid not only shame but also wasting money.

There is not one single indicator of fake shoes. It is a combination of indicators. In this blog, we will point out the 10 indicators to spot fake sneakers. You can see it for example by the tongue, shape of the heel, the box, but also the size label. How exactly? You will read that in our blog.

If you ever come across a sneaker, but you don’t trust it completely, this blog will certainly help you with that. If you have any doubts, you can of course always send us a message. We are happy to help you.

Why are second-hand sneakers worth so much?

When we are at a sneaker event, we have hundreds of Nike Air Max 1s with us to sell. The prices of these Air Max 1s are skyrocketing. Price tags of € 1.000, but also of € 3.000 and € 10.000 are not strange at all. We all understand a payment of € 1.000.000 for a popular painting. But 10 k for worn sneakers… ?!

The question ‘why’ has to do with supply and demand in first instance. We will of course explain this extensively in our blog. We will address some more subjects. For example, we will answer the question that may come to your mind while reading: ‘Will my sneakers be worth even more money?’. Finally, we will tell you about investing in sneakers and how you can do that.

Why are some sneakers so outrageously expensive? Will my sneakers be worth even more money? Should I invest in sneakers? If these questions are running through your mind, then you’ve come to the right place. Read this blog and our knowledge will help you out.

How do I clean my sneakers and keep them tidy?

The question that lives with every sneakerhead. How do you clean sneakers? Even better, how do you prevent them from getting dirty at all? Can your mesh get white again and are there really dirt-repellent sprays? We know!

In this blog, you can read everything about how to protect your holy grail and which spray and other products you should use for this. You will also find the steps to clean your sneakers. This is slightly different for every pair of sneakers and for the different kinds of materials. We tell you which options you have. Of course, we also ensure that you can buy the necessary items immediately.

We choose Collonil Carbon Lab for this so that we can be sure that you use quality products. We have experience with practically all other brands, but Collonil is the only brand that really convinced us. This not only applies to the protection spray, but also to all other sneaker cleaning items.


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