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Nike sneakers

The most exclusive Nike sneakers online. Looking for limited-edition Nike sneakers? We sell several limited models, such as the Nike Air Max 1, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Jordan, Nike Air Force, and Nike Dunk SB. You will not find our Nike sneakers in regular stores. Outsole’s Nike sneakers are collector’s items from the past years. Distinguish yourself with, for example, a pair of rare Nike Air Max 1 that you will not encounter on the street. This brand comes from America and guarantees high-quality sporty sneakers. Not only the comfort, but especially the design is what makes this brand a great sneaker. Sneakers from this unique brand should therefore not be missing in your sneaker collection.

Brand name

In 1964 an athlete named Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman started the company “Blue Ribbon Sports” (BRS). By purchasing shoes from the company Onitsuka Tiger Shoes (the predecessor of ASICS), Phil and Bill had shoes they could sell. They did not produce their own shoes but instead looked at whether they could improve imported shoes. The name Nike was first introduced in 1972, but it was changed again in 1987 to the name we know today: Nike Inc. This name is derived from the Greek goddess Niké. The well-known “Swoosh” on the shoes was designed in 1971 for only $ 35 by Carolyn Davidson. Today we know this unique brand as one of the largest shoe/clothing brands in the world.

Iconic sneakers

Nike has released many iconic shoes over the years. We would like to highlight a few below.

Air max 1

The shoe that we are all about is of course the Air Max 1. We started collecting through this shoe and today we have more than a thousand pairs of this wonderful model for sale. With this model, a new dimension was given to sneakers, as it contained visible air in the sole. The Air Max 1 was born on March 26, 1987, the rest we describe as history…

Air max 90

Another iconic shoe is the Air Max 90. The predecessor of this model was the Air Max III, but in 2000 the name and the shoe were changed. This model became Nike’s second goldmine after the Air Max 1. In the Netherlands, this shoe has become known in the “Gabber” scene. At parties where hard dance music is played, you still see a lot of Air Max 90’s passing by today. Of course, we also wear a lovely pair of Air Max 90 at parties.

Air Jordan

A model that we should of course not forget is the Air Jordan. With these shoes, we think of one of the greatest athletes ever existed, Michael Jordan. This model was produced for this man in 1984 and a year later it also came on the market for us. Since then, a new Air Jordan has been released every year. What was meant to be a basketball shoe has now become one of the most worn sneakers worldwide.

Air Force

The last model that we would like to highlight is the Air Force. Just like the Air Jordan, this fantastic shoe is designed for basketball players. After the first year of production, the perception of Nike customers changed. The demand for basketball sneakers increased enormously, forcing Nike to release multiple colorways. At first, sales weren’t going well, but when the hip-hop scene discovered it, it went really fast. This model initially only contained a high and low model, but nowadays you also have medium-high models.

Nike Dunk SB

After Nike failed to enter the fast-growing skateboard market twice, they tried it a third time. During this third attempt, she introduced the Dunk SB model in 2002. With this first release, four Dunk SB Lows were released. Later that year, the most iconic shoe of this model, the Supreme Dunk Low, was released. This model sponsors great skateboard athletes such as Stefan Janoski, Paul Rodriquez, and Reese Forbes.