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Nike SB laces ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
When your sneaker laces are broken or just very dirty, they need to be replaced. Especially your Nike SB Dunks deserve the best sneaker care by having fresh laces. It may also be the case that you simply want to give your pair of sneakers a unique look. What we also see is that Nike ignores the perfect laces match. Therefor we got your back. With our collections of more than 400 laces you are sure to find the right laces for your pair of sneakers. It is important that these laces are not only of good quality, but that the thickness, length and width are also perfectly fine. As sneaker enthusiasts, we believe that the laces are the finishing touch to your shoes.

But how long should these laces be? We give you advice and tips about the ideal length for your Nike sneakers.
What’s the right length for Nike SB Dunk laces?
This is an easy copy paste of regular laces. Although we’ve got special oval SB laces for your SBs! Use 140 cm for low Dunks and use 160 cm for Mid and High Dunks, depending on whether you have a larger or smaller size feet. In that case 120 cm and 180 cm are great options too. Our Nike SB laces have a width of 0.9 cm. If you’re in doubt of the size you really need, simply measure your current laces. 
All SB laces lengths at a glance
120 centimeters: Nike SB Dunk Low if you don’t tie or have a small size
140 centimeters: Nike SB Dunk Low (standard)
140 centimeters: Nike SB Dunk Mid if you don’t tie or have a small size
160 centimeters: Nike SB Dunk Mid (standard)
160 centimeters: Nike SB Dunk High if you don’t tie or have a small size
180 centimeters: Nike SB Dunk High (standard)


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