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Nike SB Laces: The Finishing Touch for Your Sneakers!

Looking for high-quality laces to give your Nike SB Dunks a unique look?

Our assortment of over 400 laces offers the perfect match for every sneaker, with special oval Nike SB laces in various lengths and colors.

What length do you need?

  • 120 cm: Nike SB Dunk Low (small size or without laces)
  • 140 cm: Nike SB Dunk Low (standard) / Nike SB Dunk Mid (small size or without laces)
  • 160 cm: Nike SB Dunk Mid (standard) / Nike SB Dunk High (small size or without laces)
  • 180 cm: Nike SB Dunk High (standard)

Why choose our Nike SB laces?

  • Extensive choice: Over 400 laces in different colors, materials, and lengths.
  • Perfect fit: Oval laces with a thickness of 0.9 cm for an optimal look and feel.
  • High quality: Made from high-quality materials for a long lifespan.
  • Tailored advice: Help with choosing the right length and color for your sneakers.

Order your Nike SB laces today at and experience the difference!