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Anti-Crease Sneaker Protector Soft Shields: Protect Your Sneakers from Creasing!

Crease-free sneakers? It’s possible with our anti-crease sneaker protector soft shields! Protect the toebox of your Nike Air Max 1, Nike Air Jordan 1, and other sneakers from unsightly creases.

What is creasing?

Creasing, or wrinkles, occur in the toebox of your sneakers from wearing them. This can happen when you squat, stand on your toes, or simply walk. The creases can look small or large and sometimes even cause cracks, where dirt can get stuck.

The solution: anti-crease shields!

Our anti-crease shields are made of soft plastic and are barely noticeable in your shoes. They ensure that the creases in your toebox are significantly reduced, while your sneakers remain flexible.

The benefits of our anti-crease shields

  • Significantly reduce creasing
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Do not affect the flexibility of your sneakers
  • Provide ventilation through small holes
  • Attached with 3M adhesive strip, no damage to your sneakers
  • Available as a set of 2 shields

Order your anti-crease sneaker protector soft shields now and enjoy crease-free sneakers for longer!


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