Laces for Businesses (Worldwide B2B)

Looking for a reliable partner for purchasing laces? Whether you’re a shoemaker, company, or association, we are here to help. With our extensive knowledge of the sneaker industry, we ensure you get exactly what you need. Businesses discount rates start at 25%. Depending on your specific needs, we provide the best quality/price ratio. Contact us or sign up below.

Shoemakers & Shoe stores
Connecting with new customers is a challenge for almost every shoemaker and shoe store. We often see that the product range no longer fits with the shoes and sneakers of younger generations. That’s why we’re here to help ensure your lace collection meets the current market demand, both in terms of lace types and presentation.

Customizers & Sneaker Restorers
Worldwide, we provide customizers and sneaker restorers with the right laces and insoles for their clients. With our vast range of colors and materials, we have the perfect lace for every sneaker. Save time and effort with our colored tips laces.

Companies & Organizations
We assist companies with one-time or recurring projects by supplying large quantities of laces. We advise on the lengths you need and can help with packaging if desired. Contact us, and we’ll ensure your project is perfectly executed.

Clubs & Associations
Need a large number of laces for a one-time event? We make sure you get the right laces. The correct length, materials, and quality. With our large stock, we can often ship large quantities of laces immediately.


Why choose Outsole laces?

  • Top quality: Our laces are made from the best materials, durable and stylish. Perfect for any sneaker restoration or custom project.
  • Exclusive collections: A wide range of colors and styles, ensuring you always find the perfect match for every sneaker.
  • Fast delivery: Reliable and fast delivery, ensuring your project doesn’t stall.
  • Customization options: Make your shop unique with our customization and white label options. Special prints, custom lengths, and more, we take care of it for you.
  • Service: Our team of seasoned sneaker enthusiasts is always ready to help with advice and support.


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