What’s the average delivery time?
The Netherlands: 1 – 2 business days
Europe: 2 – 5 business days
World: 5 – 10 business days
* Envelopes without track & trace could be delayed ~5 business days.

Can I pick up and try items?
Yes, it is possible to collect your order. Our office is located in Apeldoorn, Watermanstraat 66. Our stock is largely located in our warehouse in Beekbergen. That is why it is only possible to pick up your order by appointment. You can easily plan this appointment through the Contact-button.

Are you interested to buy my sneakers?
Yes. We may be interested in buying your Nike Air Max 1s or collection of sneakers. You can offer us your pairs through the Contact-button.

Are your prices negotiable?
No. Item’s prices are firm and excluded from shipping costs and any PayPal fees.

Are your prices included shipping costs?
No. Shipping costs will automatically be added through the checkout process. Shipping costs will be calculated based on your location and the weight of your item(s) in your cart.

Why do I have to pay PayPal fee?
We do not cover extra PayPal fees or conversion fees, since you are always able to transfer the payment by bank transfer. We don’t want to pass these costs into our prices. If you do prefer PayPal and its protection, related fees are on your behalf.

Can I track and trace my package?
If you purchased sneakers or chose for a parcel with track and trace, you can track your parcel as soon as PostNL processed your parcel. You will receive the tracking by e-mail. Please notice that we are not responsible for this track and trace information. Track and trace information may not be real time, and it is possible that PostNL does not display your full address. If you have any questions regarding your track and trace information, please contact us.

Are all sneakers new?
No. Some sneakers may be conditional deadstock, some sneakers are worn. All sneakers are second hand and may have signs of aging, storage or wear. Conditional deadstock means that sneakers may be conditional new, but wearability is not guaranteed. Item’s pictures and extra information describe the actual condition.

Do you guarantee wearability?
No. Wearability of second hand sneakers cannot be guaranteed. Of course, if a midsole is cracked or there are any other signs that confirm that the sneakers are for display only, this might be stated clearly.

What’s my size?
Check our size charts at this page.

Do you ship double boxed?
All sneakers with an original box will be shipped double boxed. Items without an original box may be shipped single boxed. We will make sure your items will be packaged safely.

Can I return purchased items?
Some items can be returned, some can not be returned. Sneakers can not be returned, read all about the details in our terms and conditions. Other items than sneakers can be returned within 14 days after receiving your order. Please use our return form for your request.

What if the size doesn’t fit?
We recommend to try a similar model in a store. Also sneakers that don’t fit can not be returned. Read all about how you can solve sizing problems in this blog.

Are you interested in trades?
No. We are not interested in trades.

Can you find me a particular pair of sneakers?
No. It is is not possible to find any other items than the items displayed at this website. However, there will be updates from time to time, and your grail may be between these updates.

What’s the definition of toebox, mudguard, layer et cetera?

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