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Dennis Wegereef
Visual designer

“Compared to Frank and Bas, I am a newbie in the sneaker world. I have always loved to wear sneakers, but I’m not a true collector. A few years ago I was told about sneaker events and the happening related to it. I had to experience this, so I visited Sneakerness Amsterdam 2013. Impulsively, I even bought one of my grails: the Nike Air Max 1 Atmos Elephant. I bought them from Frank, where I met him and Bas for the first time. I added Frank as friend at Facebook to ask him all about the sneaker game. He has taught me so much. Frank also told me about starting a sneaker webshop called Outsole. Meanwhile I learned a lot about coding and visual web design during my study. Stubborn that I am, I got annoyed by certain details of his web site and offered him to fix it and help him out. Also Bas joined Outsole. The three of us, together as a team, has been a perfect match. All in all, I think it’s an amazin experience to take Outsole to a next level and to apply my passion for visual web design voluntarily. I continue to learn more about sneakers and I can not get enough of that.”

frank klerks team outsole nike air max 1 - Team Outsole

Frank Klerks

“After being raised with great mountain boots and sandals, I used my 12th birthday money to buy my very first Nike Air Max 1. Back then there was no Nike AM1 Hype yet. Most of the other kids wore Puma Race Cat’s or K-Swiss, so I was not that cool at all. Nevertheless, my Nike Air Max gave me a huge ‘wow feeling’ and I had to buy more AM1s. Starting with two pairs a year, to two pairs a month and eventually I bought two pairs a week. Ridiculous! Of course I had to sell other pairs from my sneaker collection to afford my addiction. The combination of selling and buying is exactly what I still do, but things have just gotten pretty out of hand. I started Outsole as a legitimate platform to sell 1000+ sneakers; nowadays we’ve become the largest in Europe. Of course I also continue expanding my own sneaker collection, as long as my girlfriend permits it. I run Outsole with two of my best friends: Bas with his knowledge and stock complements Outsole perfectly and Dennis completes the team with his graphic design skills. I am a lucky one they joined me!”

bas honders team outsole nike air max 1 - Team Outsole

Bas Honders

“It started for me when I was about 11 years old. At school I saw many older boys walking on Nike Air Max Classic BW’s and I thought those are dope immediately. Directly after school I ran to my parents to beg for that pair of sneakers. Unfortunately I did not get the answer I hoped for: ‘No way’. They said I would need another new pair of sneakers every two weeks, since I played football all day long. A few months later a friend of mine helped me to purchase a pair of Nike Air Max 1’s from USA. I felt in love right away! When I was 15 years old I got my first side job, consequently I got the chance to buy more sneakers. This was the moment my sneaker addiction started. I read myself more in the sneaker world and started to do research through forums and social media. Besides that I learned a lot from Frank. In the meantime, I started buying and selling sneakers to ensure that I could afford and enlarge my own sneaker collection. I practise what I wanted to do for a long time: running a large sneaker collector’s items company, together with Frank and Dennis.”

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