How to lace up up your Nike Air Max 1 sneakers?

Do you get comments on your “lace job” or are you jealous of how dope sneakers look in other people's photos? Do you only find the weirdest lace tutorials on the internet? Lacing seems complicated, but it's really easy! As long as you know how and you know how to make it your habit. We…

All Nike Air Max 1 & 90 Hyperstrikes and Friends & Family releases

What are the most expensive Nike Air Max 1 and Nike Air Max 90 sneakers? What are the rarest Nike Air Max sneakers? These are typical questions that go through the mind of a sneakerhead. With these questions, you will quickly arrive at the Hyperstrikes. Hyperstrikes are the most exclusive sneakers that exist. These are…

AIR MAX DAY – The history of the Nike Air Max 1 from 1986

3.26, the legendary "Air Max Day". This day we celebrate the anniversary of our greatest love. On March 26, 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 as we know it today was officially born. The most beautiful sneaker silhouette we know with the iconic air unit. And not just an air unit, but a visible one.…

All sneaker terms and abbreviations you need to know

When you're looking for sneakers on sales platforms and social media, you will be thrown to death with it: complicated and often incomprehensible sneaker terms. Sometimes they are abbreviations, but often they seem like self-invented words. Don't worry, you're not the only one who will run into this! At Outsole we also deal with these…

What length shoelaces do I need for my sneakers?

When your sneaker laces are broken or just very dirty, they need to be replaced. But it may also be the case that you simply want to give your pair of sneakers a unique look. What we also see is that Nike are overlooking the perfect lace-up match. We got your back. With our collections…

How to spot a fake, counterfeit or replica Nike Air Max 1 sneaker?

For a sneaker enthusiast, “fake” sneakers are taboo. No go. Really impossible. No matter how dope they are. Fake is fake. Yet almost everyone ever secretly falls for it, and is confronted on the street or at a placed “womft” with the fact that the sneakers might be fake. Shame and a lot of money wasted.…

Exclusive Nike Air Max 1s

Where can I buy exclusive sneakers? When you buy exclusive sneakers, Outsole is the best sneaker webshop. Outsole is the European market leader in the field of limited and exclusive second-hand sneakers. With us you will find more than 1500 different collector items. A sneaker website for collectors, for enthusiasts and fellow sneaker collectors. You can also try on and pick up your limited edition sneakers. Although we do not have a physical store, you can easily make an appointment in Apeldoorn (NL) online.

Where can I buy Nike Air Max laces and Jordan laces? It is best to buy all your Nike laces at Outsole. In addition to Nike Air Max 1 laces, you will also find Air Jordan laces and oval Dunk SB laces. Different sizes, colors and exclusive with colored tips. Are you looking for fresh white laces, or distinctive sail off white, pink, black or, for example, union gold laces, then you can be sure that you are in the right place at Outsole.

How can I clean my sneakers? Tips for cleaning and necessary cleaning items can be found at Outsole. In our blog about cleaning and protecting sneakers you will find all the details about cleaning kits, protection spray and midsole whitener. With us you will find the right brush, instruction videos about cleaning foam and cleaning solution and tips for mesh, nubuck and leather.

How can I protect my sneakers? In addition to protection spray, you will find all protection items at Outsole. Think of anti-crease protector soft shields, but also premium shoe trees and midsole sealers. As sneaker collectors, we know exactly what you need for your holy grails. If you need tips, send us a message and we will be happy to help you.

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