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New Balance

You will find the most exclusive New Balance sneakers at Outsole. Are you looking for a limited pair of this wonderful brand? We sell various limited models, such as the NB 1500, 1300, 577 and 576’s. You will not find these sneakers in regular stores. The pairs that we sell at Outsole are collector’s items from the past years and extremely rare. Distinguish yourself with a pair of rare sneakers that you won’t find on the street. Not only the comfort, but especially the design is what makes New Balance a great sneaker. You definitely need some of these in your

History of New Balance

New Balance is an American brand and guarantees high-quality sporty sneakers. This brand has a broad and beautiful history. In 1906 William J. Riley founded the New Balance Arch Support Company in Boston. The story behind the brand name is that William had a chicken leg on his desk. In his eyes, this leg had the perfect balance, a new balance for him: New Balance. We can’t make this story any worse! From 1970 the company operated under a different name: New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. A minimal adjustment followed in 2015 and we know the company as New Balance Athletics, Inc.


Over the years New Balance has distinguished itself especially in the running world. In 1960 New Balance produced the Trackster shoe, the world’s first running shoe with a ribbed sole. This was also the first running shoe that was offered in different widths. Super innovative for that time!

Iconic models

One of the most famous models is the 1500. Since its first release in 1988, this shoe has been seen by many as the perfect running shoe. We certainly understand this, as this model is probably the most advanced and technological running shoe ever made. This shoe was nicknamed “The Bentley of Sneakers” due to the price of € 150. At the time, this was the most expensive athletic shoe ever made. This model is still a favorite among collectors at this time, due to the many collabs with famous people in the sneaker world.
Another delightful pair is the 410. This shoe represents the company’s philosophy, simple yet brilliant. This is really a sneaker that falls under the classics category, because it has stayed with the origin of the sports shoe as much as possible.
As enthusiasts we should of course not forget the 420. The simplicity of this shoe makes it possible to combine them with any outfit. In addition to a fantastic design, you also get a shoe where walking comfort comes first. Actually exactly what New Balance stands for.
For example, we can name countless models that are also interesting for new collectors. Think of the 373, 574, 575, 576, 577 and 1300. They have launched so many different dope models on the market. That is why it is certainly a top 3 brand for us.

Made in USA / Made in UK

Another distinctive fact is that New Balance has not established its production in so-called low-wage countries. They have shoemakers, designers and factories active in both the United States and England. The pairs therefore show “Made in USA” or “Made in UK”.

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