Sneaker language: all abbreviations and terms you need to know

What does VNDS mean? When is a sneaker deadstock? What about taking an L or a W? Rock don’t stock? Cop or drop? We can imagine that sometimes you really have no idea what sneakerheads are talking about. We are happy to help you out. In the overview below you will find all abbreviations and terms from the sneaker world in order from A to Z.


ACG: All Conditions Gear – a line from Nike for outdoor use.

AF1: Nike Air Force 1

AJ: Nike Air Jordan

AM1: Nike Air Max 1

AM90: Nike Air Max 90

Aglet: The end of the laces, often made of plastic or metal.

B: Abbreviation of Bump, often used to boost a post on social media. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the B in ‘Nike Air Max 1 B’ means (2001-2003).

BC: Baby crib – shoe sizes for babies and small children.

Beater: A worn-out sneaker.

Bespoke: Previously you could make your own sneaker together with Nike in their studio for around €1000. This program no longer exists. Now bespoke is used as a term for “homemade sneakers”. Often by artists or sneaker restorers.

B-grade: A rejected sneaker or sneaker with production defects.

BIN: Buy it now – The asking price at which a sneaker sold immediately.

BNIB: Brand new in box – New in original box.

BNWB: Brand new with box – New with original box.

BNWOB: Brand new without box – New without box.

BNWT: Brand new with tags – New with the original tags attached.

Bot: Scripts and software to buy a sneaker automatically.

BRED: Classic color scheme of black (black) with red (red).

Bricks: Sneakers you can’t get rid of as a reseller.

Bubble: The air cushion used in the sole.

Bump: This is used to boost a social media post upwards.

BW: Big window – a big air bubble. In addition, BW can be found in the ‘Classic’ Nike line Air Max BW.

Camp: Camp for a sneaker. The sneaker is so popular that sneakerheads spend one or more nights in front of the store (campout) to get their hands on the sneaker.

Cap: Fake.

CMPCT: Compact – a line of Adidas sneakers.

COJP: Concept Japan – Nike Japan’s activation team.

Collab: Collaboration with artists or stores.

Collector: A collector.

Colorway: Colorway – the combination of colors used on the sneaker.

Cop: Buy a sneaker.

Creps: English slang for sneakers.

Custom: A modified pair of sneakers by modifying parts of the sneaker with fabric or paint.

CW: Colorway – colorway of the sneaker.

Deadstock: New. Condition description of the sneaker. Not everyone agrees whether a sneaker can be called DS when it is appropriate. For sneakerheads of the past, deadstock means something completely different: dead stock – so no longer in stock.

Deubre: The iron or metal lace tag often used on Air Force 1s.

DLX: Deluxe – sneakers labeled as extra luxury by Nike.

Drop: Don’t buy a sneaker.

DS: Deadstock – New.

DX: Deluxe – sneakers labeled as extra luxury by Nike.

EQT: Equipment – a line of Adidas items.

Eyelet: Metal or plastic circles around the eyelets.

Eyestay: The plastic material that is processed in the shoe around the upper eyelets.

F&F: Friends and Family – sneakers that are only given to friends and family. In practice, we see that this is often a marketing trick and influencers are suddenly included in these friends and family.

Factory laced: The laces are untouched and still as the sneakers came from the factory.

Fire: Indicates that you really like a sneaker.

Frags: Fragment Design – a line released under Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara.

FSR: Full size run – a full size run of a sneaker.

Fufu: Fake.

G-Nikes: Nike Air Force 1s.

GOAT: Greatest of all time – The most beautiful sneakers of all time.

GR: General release – a normal release with no specifics.

Grail: A sneaker you’d like to get your hands on one day and be on your wish list.

GS: Grade school – shoe sizes for children.

Heat: Cool sneakers.

Heel lining: The lining in the heel of a sneaker.

Heel roll: The back part of the outsole near your heel.

Highs: High sneakers.

Holy grail: The sneaker that is number one on your wish list. It is often assumed in advance that it will never be possible to get hold of these sneakers due to exclusivity or the high value.

HS: Hyperstrike – the most limited form of a sneaker release. Usually a Hyperstrike means 24 or 48 pairs of the sneaker have been released.

HTM: A line of sneakers in honor of three greats. HTM is formed by the first letters of Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara, designer of Jordan and Air Max Tinker Hatfield and former Nike CEO Mark Parker. Together they are responsible for many groundbreaking innovations in the world of sneakers and streetwear.

Hybrid: Two sneaker models processed in one sneaker.

Hypebeast: A lover of sneakers and streetwear who bounces on every hype.

Hyperstrike: The most limited form of sneaker release. Usually a Hyperstrike means 24 or 48 pairs of the sneaker have been released.

Icy sole: A transparent outsole.

ID: Individual Designed – A program from Nike to determine and order your own color scheme of a sneaker online.

Instacop: The intention to buy the sneaker as soon as it comes out.

JB: Jordan Brand – the brand of Nike Air Jordan.

Js: Nike Air Jordans.

Jumpman: The logo of Nike Air Jordans.

KD: Kevin Durant – Sneakers in collaboration with basketball player Kevin Durant.

L: Loss – You have been drawn for a sneaker raffle. Failed to buy a sneaker.

Lacelock: A plastic part to secure the laces at the loop. These are often included with Jordans.

Lace tip: Nestel – the end of a lace, usually plastic or metal.

Laceswap: Replacing the laces with another lace.

Lateral side: The outside of sneakers.

Layer: The area between the toebox and quarter/u-throat of a sneaker.

LBJ: Lebron James – Sneakers in collaboration with basketball player Lebron James.

LC: Legit check – a check whether sneakers or (re)buyers are authentic.

LE: Limited edition – limited edition sneakers.

Legit: The sneakers are authentic or the (seller) buyer is reliable.

Lining: The lining of the sneakers.

Lows: Low sneakers.

LPU: Last pick up – the last pair of sneakers you bought.

LTD: Limited – limited sneaker releases.

LX: Luxe – sneakers with more luxurious materials and finishes.

Mids: Mid-cut sneakers.

Midsole: The midsole of the sneaker.

Mudguard: The area above the midsole of the sneaker.

Mules: A sneaker made into a slipper.

MX: Mixed – Adidas sneakers with mixed materials and colors.

NDC: Nike dot com –

NDS: Near deadstock – as good as new.

NIB: New in box – New in box

Nose tip: The tab of the outsole at the front of the foot.

NRG: Energy – a line of limited and special Nike releases.

NSW: Nike Sports Wear – The sports line from Nike.

NT: Nike talk – a forum.

NWT: New with tags – New with original tags still attached.

OBO: Or best offer – Instead of the asking price, bids are also listened to.

OG: Original – Refers to something being original in the form of authentic, or the very first release of something.

OG box: Original box

OG sneaker: The very first release of a model. For example, the Nike Air Max 1 OG Red and OG Blue.

On ice: Sneakers saved to wear later.

OOS: Out of stock – out of stock.

Outsole: The outsole of a sneaker.

Padding: The filling in the material of a sneaker.

PADS: Pass as deadstock – Passes as new. These sneakers are often only tried on or displayed.

Player edition: Sneakers issued in honor of an athlete or athlete, intended for public use.

Player exclusive: Sneakers issued to athletes and sportsmen and not intended for public use.

Premium: A sneaker of high quality. Nike determines whether a sneaker is Premium or not. In practice, we often see no difference between premium and normal sneakers.

PRM: Premium – a high-quality sneaker.

Proxy: Using someone who buys a sneaker from a different location, usually another country, and ships it to you.

PS: Pre-school – shoe sizes for small children, preschoolers and toddlers.

Pull tab: A piece of fabric on the top of the heel and sometimes the tongue, with which you can put on the sneakers.

QS: Quickstrike – A limited edition quick release.

Quarter: The area around the swoosh on a sneaker.

Quickstrike: A limited edition quick release.

Raffle: A sneaker release draw.

Release: An edition of a sneaker.

Re-release: A sneaker that is being re-released, also known as retro.

Resell: Resell.

Reseller: A reseller.

Restock: Stock of a sneaker that is being restocked.

Retro: A sneaker in a specific colorway that is being re-released. Some sneakers get a retro or re-release more often.

RNR: Runner – a low sneaker. These sneakers were initially released for running. The Nike Air Max 1 is also a runner.

Rock: Wearing a sneaker.

Sample: An example of a sneaker – usually these are actually released, but sometimes there is an unreleased sample. These sneakers are super interesting for collectors.

SB: Skateboarding – a line of many sneaker models released specifically for skateboarding.

SC: Sports Classic – sneakers marked by Nike as classic for the sport.

SE: Special edition – sneakers marked as special edition by Nike.

Shape: The shape of a sneaker.

Size label: The size label in the sneaker. Here you will find the product code, year of release and size information.

Size run: A full size run of a sneaker.

Soleswap: Replacing the sole of a sneaker.

SP: Special projects. The highest quality from Nike.

SPLY: Supply. A line of Adidas sneakers.

Stock: Keep in stock and don’t wear.

Studio ID: A program from Nike to determine and order your own color scheme of a sneaker in a physical location. This is no longer possible.


Swoosh: The Nike logo.

TD: Toddler – shoe sizes for toddlers, toddlers and babies.

Team early: Those who manage to get hold of a sneaker first, often before the release.

Tier Zero: A sneaker that is released in a very limited predetermined edition. Also written as Tier-0.

Tip: The nest of a lace, often made of plastic or metal.

Toe cap: The outermost part of the outsole near the toes.

Toe roll: The part of the outsole near the toes.

Toebox: The part above the forefoot, often made of mesh, suede or leather.

Tonal: A single color sneaker. Well-known examples are the All White and All Black, also known as Triple White and Triple Black.

Tongue: The tongue of a shoe.

TTS: True to size – The sneaker fits as you would expect.

TZ: Tier Zero – A sneaker released in a very limited predetermined edition. Also written as Tier-0.

Unboxing: Unpacking a sneaker, from the shoe box or even the shipping box.

Un-DS: Wearing it for the first time. The sneaker is then no longer deadstock (DS).

Upper: Anything above the midsole of the sneaker.

Uptowns: Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

U-throat: The area around the laces of a sneaker.

VNDS: Very near to deadstock – As good as new

W: Win – A raffle won.

WDYWT: What do you wear today – What are you wearing today?

WIVAH: What I’m wearing today.

WOMFT: What’s on my feet today – Which sneakers I’m wearing today.

WOYFT: What’s on your feet today – Which sneakers are you wearing today?

WTB: Willing to buy – These sneakers are wanted.

WTS: Willing to trade – These sneakers are offered for sale.

WTT: Willing to trade – These sneakers are offered for trade.

Y3: Adidas sneakers and clothing in collaboration with Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto.

Yeezy: Sneakers and clothing from Nike and later Adidas in collaboration with the American rapper, producer and designer Kanye West.


The anatomy of a sneaker:


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