Sneakerness: the biggest sneaker event (Amsterdam & Rotterdam)

Sneakerness is the ultimate sneaker event for any sneaker enthusiast. This event is more than just a sneaker fair; it represents sneaker culture, attracting collectors and enthusiasts from all countries. Here, you’ll find everything from exclusive limited editions to unique collector’s items that you won’t find anywhere else. Sneakerness takes place in major European cities, including Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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Nowhere else will you find so many sneakers in one place

What makes Sneakerness so special is its wide range of sneakers. You can find rare Air Max 1s that have been on your wishlist for years, as well as the latest sold-out Jordan and Yeezy releases. Sneakerness is the ultimate place to spot the newest sneaker trends and to exchange valuable knowledge with other enthusiasts and professionals from the sneaker industry. But, most importantly, you’ll leave with an awesome new pair of sneakers.

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Culture and lifestyle event

Sneakerness also organizes various workshops and discussion panels where you can learn more about the rich history of sneakers, how to personalize your own sneakers, and what the future of sneaker design holds. These sessions are led by leading sneaker designers, collectors, and insiders who share their knowledge and experience. Sneakerness is much more than just a sneaker fair; it is a full-fledged lifestyle event that celebrates modern street culture.
The atmosphere at Sneakerness is always energetic and inspiring. It is the ideal place to meet old friends and make new connections, all united by a love for sneakers. Whether you are a casual sneaker lover or a seasoned collector, Sneakerness has something for everyone. There is also plenty of food and drink available. Even the youngest sneakerheads are catered for with a kids corner. DJs provide music and sneaker art adds the finishing touch.

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Outsole x Sneakerness

Outsole has been a staple at Sneakerness from day one. We’ve been there dozens of times and are known for the impressive Wall of Air Max 1s. You’ve never seen so many pairs together before. We bring all sizes and ensure you find something in every price range. The selection varies from vintage editions to the latest releases, new and worn, all 100% original. We also provide a large collection of laces and other accessories. You won’t want to miss this.

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Sneakerness in the Netherlands: Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Sneakerness Amsterdam and Sneakerness Rotterdam are two of the most notable stops on the European tour of the Sneakerness event. Each of these cities brings its own unique vibe and sneaker culture, making every edition a must-visit for both local and international sneaker enthusiasts.

Sneakerness Amsterdam: May 25 & 26, 2024

The place where urban culture and innovation come together is, of course, Amsterdam. This edition of Sneakerness attracts visitors from all over the world and is known for its creative flair and extensive range of both mainstream and underground brands. The energetic atmosphere, combined with an iconic location, ensures that every edition of Sneakerness Amsterdam is an unforgettable event where the latest trends and exclusive releases are showcased.

Sneakerness Rotterdam: October 26 & 27, 2024

Rotterdam is distinguished by its rich street culture and lively sneaker community. This city breathes street culture, and this is reflected in the diverse collections and participants at the fair. The event attracts a mixed audience of curious newcomers to seasoned collectors, all in search of that special find. Workshops and panels add an educational element, allowing participants to delve deeper into the aspects of sneaker design and culture.

Other Sneakerness locations

Other locations of Sneakerness, such as Paris, London, Zurich, and Berlin, each offer a unique view of the local sneaker scene. These cities are carefully chosen to translate their own sneaker culture into the event. But we must confess, nothing beats the Dutch editions.

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Make sure you’re there!

Will we see you at Sneakerness in Amsterdam or Rotterdam? Make it a full day out and immerse yourself in the ultimate sneaker and lifestyle experience! Keep an eye on our socials to win tickets. Oh don’t forget, if we need to bring something for you, send us a message. See you at Sneakerness, cheers!

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Pictures by Nikki van Toorn <3


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