Nike laces – Old Yellow


Nike laces – Old Yellow


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Nike laces - Old Yellow

Buy Nike shoelaces
Have your laces become damaged or dirty? Then it’s time to renew your laces. Outsole is your place for new shoelaces. We make these from original material and have produced them in many colors. You can find the right match for every pair of sneakers. These regular Nike laces are available from 100 to 180 cm.

Important to know
All laces come as a set of 2 shoelaces. We deliver the laces without additional packaging in an envelope. This way we can keep the shipping costs attractively low. If you would like to receive your laces in special lace bags, you can choose this during checkout. The given length of the laces can be 5 cm more or less. Don’t worry, you will not notice these differences at your lace job.

Variation in laces
You may have noticed that sneakers come with all different kind of laces. We have deliberately chosen to standardize the lace type. The width of the regular flat Nike laces is 8 mm. This way you are sure that you purchase the laces you need. The laces are the finishing touch to your sneakers, so we are happy to help you optimize your pair.

Replacement shoelaces
We use original and durable materials to make sure your laces last a long time. The right combination of polyester and cotton is essential for the strength of the laces and the simplicity of the lacing. If you want to keep your Nike laces clean, we recommend that you spray your laces with a protection spray. For example, use our Carbon Lab Protecting Spray.

Clean or replace laces
How to clean shoelaces? You do this by soaking your laces in a bowl of warm water and soap. For example, use our Carbon Lab Cleaning Solution or another cleaning agent. This will remove the largest and most superficial stains from your laces. With white laces this is very difficult in practice, and we see that they never really become white again. The choice to purchase a new set of flat Nike laces is therefore an easy one.

What length of laces to buy
For most low sneakers, we advise you to use 120 cm laces. When in doubt, you can measure your current laces. Choose 20 cm less if you don’t tie your laces or if your size is smaller than EU 38,5. Choose 20 cm longer if your prefer large lace loops or if your size is larger than EU 46. Sneaker length guide for Nike sneakers:

Nike Air Max laces

  • Nike Air Max 1 laces – 120 cm
  • Nike Air Max 90 laces – 140 cm
  • Nike Air Max 95 laces – 120 cm
  • Nike Air Max 97 laces – 120 cm
  • Nike Air Max 180 laces – 120 cm
  • Nike Air Max BW laces – 140 cm

Nike Air Jordan laces

  • Nike Air Jordan Low laces – 140 cm
  • Nike Air Jordan Mid laces – 160 cm
  • Nike Air Jordan High laces – 180 cm

Nike Air Force laces

  • Nike Air Force Low laces – 120 cm
  • Nike Air Force Mid laces – 140 cm
  • Nike Air Force High laces – 160 cm

Nike Dunk laces

  • Nike Dunk Low laces – 140 cm
  • Nike Dunk Mid laces – 160 cm
  • Nike Dunk High laces – 160 cm

Nike Blazer laces

  • Nike Blazer Low laces – 160 cm
  • Nike Blazer High laces – 180 cm

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