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Midsole Sealer – Collonil Carbon Lab


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Carbon Lab Midsole Sealer. Thé sealer you need to protect your sneaker midsoles. Prevent discoloration and dirtiness on your soles by applying the invisible protective layer on your sneakers. This protects your midsoles against yellowing due to UV and ensures that dirt does not accumulate. Your sneakers are therefore easy to clean. Extend the life of your sneakers! The Midsole Sealer is easy to use: press the damper and rub the protective material over the midsole. Why Collonil Carbon Lab? Because Outsole thinks it’s important that you go for quality and not for hype. Collonil has been the market leader in shoe care for years and thoroughly tests all its products on different sneakers. The ecological footprint is concerned as well: Carbon Lab is based on safe organic ingredients.

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Protect sneaker midsoles against moisture and dirt

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100 ml