Sneaker Midsole Leather Whitener Collonil Carbon Lab Sneaker cleaner 200x150 - Midsole & Leather Sneaker White - Collonil Carbon Lab
voorbeeld1 200x150 - Midsole & Leather Sneaker White - Collonil Carbon Lab

Midsole & Leather Sneaker White – Collonil Carbon Lab


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Carbon Lab Sneaker White. Thé whitener you need to whiten your sneaker midsoles and leather. Bring back the original white color look without painting your sneakers. The sneaker white applies a white layer to your sneakers, without you running the risk of ruining your sneakers with paint. This white layer is weather and rain resistant, but is deliberately washable. Unlike paint, you don’t leave any repaint traces. Very handy to quickly whiten your midsole or to fix a damaged part or heavy scratch. In addition to the midsole, this whitener is ideal for leather or other smooth materials. So if you need to rewhite your leather Air Max 1’s or Air Force 1’s, this whitener is a must have. Super easy to use: just shake and press the sponge on the part that you want to have white again. With the sponge you finish the part and voila, your sneakers are fresh again! If you accidentally slip out, keep a damp cloth at hand, such as our special premium microfiber cloth. Why Collonil Carbon Lab? Because Outsole thinks it’s important that you go for quality and not for hype. Collonil has been the market leader in shoe care for years and thoroughly tests all its products on different sneakers. The ecological footprint is concerned as well: Carbon Lab is based on safe organic ingredients.

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Whiten sneaker midsoles and leather

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