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Outsole, providing your daily heat.

Welcome to Outsole! We are here to provide you your exclusive sneakers. We offer you many rare collector’s items from your favorite brands in multiple sizes. Stay connected, Outsole will be updated from time to time, and your holy grail may be between these updates!

Outsole is a Dutch Chamber of Commerce registered web based retailer, located in the Netherlands. We sell rare (second hand) authentic collector’s items of different brands from the past years. For us it is from utmost importance to preserve a trust based relation with our customers. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Bas Honders

“It all started at the age of 11. I saw way older people walking on Nike Air Max Classic BW’s, and I absolutely loved them. After school I ran to my parents to beg them for these Nikes. Their answer: ‘hell no’. They told me I would need another pair of sneakers every two weeks, since I played football everyday. A couple of months later a friend helped me import some Nike Air Max’s from the US. These weren’t Classic BW’s, but Air Max 1’s. I was completely crazy about them! The following years I only wore (beat-up) Air Max 1’s. At the age of 15 I got a part-time job that enabled me to buy more sneakers. This is when the actual collecting and addiction started. I immersed myself into the world of sneakers. I’ve learned a lot from social media and Frank. Meanwhile, I started selling to be able to increase my collection in the long run. This all contributed to my love for sneakers.”


Frank Klerks

“After being raised with mountain boots and sandals, I saved up my birthday money and bought my first pair of Nike Air Max after my 12th birthday. This was all before the Nike AM1 hype began. Back then most other kids used to wear Puma Race Cat’s or K-Swiss sneakers, so I wasn’t even that cool with my Nikes. However, the Nike Air Max gave me the ‘wow-feeling’ and I just had to buy another pair two times per year, to two times per month, to two times per week. Of course I also had to sell pieces of my collection to make this happen. And the combination of buying and selling is exactly what I’m still doing nowadays. I started Outsole as a legit platform to sell hundreds of sneakers, but also to buy sneakers from others; to expand my personal collection. Besides that I’m living together with my girlfriend in Apeldoorn and I work as a IT manager for a living.”

Frits Wegereef
Visual Designer

“Compared to Frank and Bas I’m still a newbie within the world of sneakers. I just like sneakers in a broad sense, and there are only a few grails I’m looking for. A couple of years ago I’ve been told about the sneaker event happening, and I thought that must be awesome. That’s why I went to Sneakerness Amsterdam in 2013, where I bought one of my grails: the Nike Air Max 1 Atmos Elephant. I bought them from Frank, and this is actually where I met him and his selling partner Bas. We’ve been talking a lot since then and I knew about their idea to start an official webshop. They also knew that I do know some technical things regarding web sites, coding, and visual design. The formula of the three of us worked great. All in all, I love to volunteer at Outsole and to carry out my passion for visual webdesign. I’m still learning a lot about sneakers, and I can’t get enough from that.”

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