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Nike Air Max 1

Looking for exclusive Nike Air Max 1 sneakers? At Outsole, you can purchase the most sought-after Nike Air Max 1 models. Discover a reliable platform for your ultimate sneaker collection, both online and by appointment in Apeldoorn. Outsole doesn’t offer regular releases like other stores; instead, we provide limited editions from previous years, both brand new and secondhand. In the Netherlands, the Nike Air Max 1 is by far the most popular sneaker, with a rich history.

History of the Nike Air Max 1

On March 26, 1987, the Nike Air Max 1, as we know it today, was officially introduced. Since then, we celebrate this day as Air Max Day. The Nike Air Max 1 features an iconic design with a visible air unit, complemented by a sturdy mudguard and a sleek shape. In our opinion, it’s the world’s most beautiful sneaker. What truly sets the Nike Air Max 1 apart is that it was the very first sneaker with a visible air unit. Before that, it was concealed within the sole, only felt under your feet.

The Visionaries Behind the Air Max 1: Frank Rudy, Phil Knight, and Tinker Hatfield

The inventor and NASA engineer, Marion Frank Rudy, conceived the iconic air unit, also known as the “bubble.” Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, immediately recognized its potential and sought a brilliant designer to bring this concept to life: Tinker Hatfield.

The Birth of the Big Bubble

Tinker Hatfield drew inspiration from the Centre George Pompidou in Paris, which turned the world inside out with its architecture. This inspired Tinker to do the same with a Nike sneaker, leading to the creation of the Nike Air Max 1 in 1986, complete with the iconic “big bubble.” This unique release is set to be reintroduced in 2023.

The Beginning of the Air Max 1

Although the Air Max 1 was initially released as a running shoe, it gained real recognition in 1987. Hence, it’s known as the Nike Air Max ’87. The model underwent some adjustments, including a smaller bubble, removal of the three dots on the midsole, and the addition of grooves on the sides. The “Sketch to Shelf” release pays homage to this design.

Original Air Max 1s

The Air Max 1 is characterized by flexibility, a snug fit with ample support, and cushioning provided by the foam sole and air unit at the heel. In 1986, the first Air Max 1 models with a mesh and suede upper were introduced, followed by the release of the Sport Red and Varity Blue colorways in 1987. These two colors are considered the “OG” colors. In the following years, leather versions were also introduced, transforming the AM1 from a running shoe into more of an everyday sneaker. It wasn’t until the late ’90s that a plethora of releases in various colors and materials hit the market.

Fashion and Style

The Nike Air Max 1 holds a special place in the fashion culture in the Netherlands. The gabber and hip-hop cultures played a significant role in its popularity. Over the years, sneakers became increasingly accepted as everyday footwear. Today, the AM1 is a versatile sneaker that complements both sporty and formal outfits, making it a timeless fashion icon.

Collaborations and Iconic Releases

Numerous collaborations, including those with Atmos, Huf, Clot, Patta, and Piet Parra, have contributed to the Nike Air Max 1’s popularity. These collaborations have resulted in iconic releases such as the Safari, Viotech, Amsterdam, and many others. Nike continues to collaborate regularly with designers, athletes, and brands, keeping the Air Max 1 in the spotlight.


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