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Nike Air Max 1 sneakers

Are you looking for the most exclusive Nike Air Max 1 sneakers? Outsole offers you a reliable platform for your holy grails. Online, but your pairs can also be picked up in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. We do not have new releases like all other stores, but rather the limited edition of the past years. Both second-hand and new in box. In the Netherlands, the AM1 is by far the most popular sneaker. A considerable history has preceded this.

3.26 – Air Max Day

On March 26, 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 as we know it today was officially born. The most beautiful sneaker silhouette we know with the iconic air unit. And not just any air unit, but a visible unit. In combination with a good mudguard and a sleek shape, this is the most beautiful sneaker in the world for us. What makes the Nike Air Max 1 so special is that the air unit can be seen from the outside of the sneaker for the first time, instead of just feeling it under your feet.


NASA inventor and engineer Marion Frank Rudy invented this air unit. He found a way to pump gas into a bag, which could then be placed in the sole of a shoe. His idea was that you could give a sneaker extra cushioning in this way. He had no idea that it would ever become visible. Phil Knight, co-owner of Nike, saw the benefit of this “air”. One of the designers at Nike could probably do something with that: Tinker Hatfield.

Tinker Hatfield

You can imagine that Tinker Hatfield is the greatest legend that exists for us. Tinker was inspired by the Paris Center George Pompidou. The architects of this building came up with the idea of ​​turning a building inside out. Tinker did the same with the Nike sneaker. That resulted in the Nike Air Max 1 in 1986. Incidentally, this sneaker did not come alone. The AM1 would come as a pack with sneakers like the Air Trainer 1 and Air Safari. Certainly not bad pairs neither!

1986 or 1987?

The Air Max 1 is a real runner. What’s in the name, this sneaker released as a running shoe. You can no longer imagine that today, but that is the reason that this sneaker was released with “air”. What many people don’t know is that the first Nike Air Max 1 aka ’87 is not from 1987 at all. 1986 was the year that the very first Nike Air Max 1 came out. The differences are a larger air unit, with three dots visible above it. In addition, there were no grooves / stripes on the side of the midsole. These were only applied on the back. The “Sketch to Shelf” release is a tribute to this couple from “86.


Basic properties of the Air Max 1 are flexibility, the good fit and the cushioning of the foam sole containing an air unit. The air unit is placed at the heel of the sole for the Air Max 1, in order to provide optimal support. The first Air Max 1 from 1986 has a mesh and suede upper, as shown below. In 1987 the AM1 was then released in the colors red and blue: the Sport Red and Varity Blue. The sneaker had to be striking from a distance, which is why these primary colors were chosen. These colors are still described as “OG” today. After these originals, Nike wanted to create a more everyday sneaker from 1988 onwards. That is why the AM1 was released in leather versions between 1988 and 1992.

Air Max in the Netherlands

These sneakers are nowhere as hyped as in the Netherlands. The gabber culture in the 90s was essential in this. However, that also meant that the sneaker was seen as rebellious. Later in the 90s, Air Max was mainly worn in other rebellious underground scenes. For example, we saw more and more hip-hoppers walking on Air Max. Meanwhile, other times sneakers have become so normal that you can also get away with a colorful pair under a suit.


Several collabs have contributed to the AM1 being so popular now. 2002 brought the first collaboration with Atmos, a renowned sneaker store in Japan. This resulted in the Nike Air Max 1 Atmos x Safari and the Viotech. Some other famous collaborations followed with HUF in 2004 and Clot in 2005: the Kiss of Death. In 2005 there was also the iconic collaboration with Piet Parra: the Amsterdam. After this time collabs were repeated: think of the Atmos x Animal in 2006 and the Elephant and Hufquake in 2007. In 2009 the legendary collaboration with Patta followed in honor of their 5-year anniversary. Five sneakers were released: Corduroy, Chlorophyll, Purple Denim, Lucky Green TZ and together with again Piet Parra de Burgundy Cherrywood. Until then, collaborations were quite unique if you look over the years. Later, Nike changed course and collaborated monthly with different designers, athletes and brands. Not surprising that the Air Max 1 remains so hyped!