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Nike Air Max 1 sneakers

The most exclusive Nike Air Max 1s online. Limited edition Nike Air Max 1s of recent years instead of new collections. You will not find our rare Nike AM1 sneakers in regular stores or web shops. The Nike Air Max 1 is the most popular runner sneaker worldwide. The first release dates back to 1987. A revolutionary sports shoe, which has a visible “air” damping for the first time. The brilliant brain behind the Nike Air Max 1 is Tinker Hatfield. For many sneaker collectors the figurehead of Nike sneakers. Where the Nike Air Max 1 was still underground in the 90s, this sneaker dominates the Dutch and European street scene today. Including great collabs with Atmos (such as the 1 B Atmos Safari, Supreme Atmos Animal and Atmos Elephant) and Patta (Patta Corduroy, Patta Chlorophyll Green Denim, Patta Purple Denim TZ and Patta Burgundy Cherrywood in collaboration with Piet Parra) the popularity of these sneakers has risen extremely. The latest Nike Air Max 1 releases are released in large numbers. Consequently, you see a lot of exactly the same Nike Air Max 1s on the street. Do you want to distinguish yourself with a unique pair of Nike Air Max 1s? Find your holy grail at the Outsole webshop!