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Address by appointment:
Watermanstraat 66
7324AK Apeldoorn

Can I try on sneakers?
Hell yes! You can come and see or try on most of our sneakers at our office. Information about this can be found on the product page. For the few pairs that cannot be picked up, there is no option to choose ‘Pick up’ during the checkout process. Of course we also have a large selection of collectible sneakers where trying them on your feet is tricky. We will ensure that we handle this carefully and inform you well if this is the case.

How does it work?
It is only possible to visit us by appointment in Apeldoorn. You do not have to contact us for that. You easily arrange this yourself. Add the products you want to pick up or try to your shopping cart. Pay in advance via iDEAL or opt for cash payment on location. If the sneakers don’t fit, you obviously don’t have to pay anything. On the checkout page you choose your pick-up date and time. We’re happy to meet you soon!

Can I visit you spontaneous?
Unfortunately not. It is only possible to pick up and possibly try on your sneakers of your pre-booked order. Before you come, we have to get your sneakers from our warehouse and prepare your order. We don’t have a shop and certainly not everything is at our office, so shopping is not an option. Do you just fancy a cup of coffee or tea? Send us a message in advance to make an appointment.

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Need any sneaker related advice? Let us know and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. It may take a few hours to get your answer. Cheers!

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