Nike Air Jordan 180 cm laces veters Pink 200x150 - Nike laces 180 cm - Pink
laces all 200x150 - Nike laces 180 cm - Pink

Nike laces 180 cm – Pink


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Are your Nike Air Jordan laces damaged or just very dirty? Purchased new Air Jordans, Nike Blazers or other sneakers, but the laces do not match the color well? Does the material of the supplied shoe laces not look good? Outsole is your place to be then! These replacement Nike 180 cm laces are specially made for Nike Air Jordans or other sneakers that need similar materials and the same length. Are you in doubt? Simply measure your current laces. These Air Jordan laces have a length of 180 cm, a width of 0.8 cm and are made of original and durable materials. Give sneakers the original fresh look they deserve. These premium quality replacement Nike laces are available in many different colors.

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± 180 cm


To keep your costs low, laces are sent in an envelope without extra unnecessary packaging. If you want extra packaging or a tracking code, please choose a parcel with track and trace in the checkout.


0.8 cm


This is not a Nike product


Set of 2 laces