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Nike Air Max 1 laces ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

When your Air Max 1 laces are broken or just very dirty, they need to be replaced. But it may also be the case that you simply want to give your pair of sneakers a unique look. What we also see is that Nike are overlooking the perfect lace-up match. We got your back. With our collections of more than 400 laces you are sure to find the right laces for your pair of sneakers. It is important that these laces are not only of good quality, but that the thickness, length and width are also perfectly fine. As sneaker collectors, we believe that the lace is the finishing touch to your shoes.

But how long should these laces be? We give you advice and tips about the ideal length for your Nike sneakers.

How long are Nike Air Max 1 laces?

How long are Nike Air Max 1 laces? The perfect laces length for your Nike Air Max 1 sneakers is 120 centimeters. We assume that you lace up to the second highest hole and that you tie with a subtle loop. 120 centimeters is the standard size for Nike laces. These are 8 mm wide. If you have very small Nike Air Max 1s, smaller than size 38, use 100 centimeters. If you have a very large size, larger than size 45, use 140 centimeters. Even if you want to tie up to the highest hole, you have a good alternative in the 140 cm variant. Click here to buy your Nike Air Max 1 laces.

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