White Nike laces Navy tips 1 200x150 - White Nike laces - Navy tips
Nike veters laces colored tips Outsole Exclusive 3 200x150 - White Nike laces - Navy tips

White Nike laces – Navy tips


Looking for the finishing touch for your sneakers? Or are your Nike laces broken or just very dirty? Then you’ve come to the right place at Outsole! These replacement Nike shoelaces are meant for your sneakers. Fresh white laces with navy colored lace tips. A perfect match with every blue sneaker. With a length of 120 cm, a width of 0.8 cm and the use of original and durable materials, you are sure that your Nike Air Max 1s, Nike Air Max 90s or other sneakers will get the original fresh look they deserve. These replacement Nike laces are available in different colors. Proven quality!

Additional information


± 120 cm


Set of 2 laces


0.8 cm


This is not a Nike product