Nike Air Max 1 1987 1986 OG Red Big Bubble by Outsole 200x133 - Blog

The history of the Nike Air Max 1

3.26, the legendary “Air Max Day”. This day we celebrate the anniversary of our greatest love. On March 26, 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 as we know it today was officially born. The most beautiful sneaker silhouette we know with the iconic air unit. And not just any air unit…     READ MORE

nike air max 1 components parts meaning by outsole toebox eyestay lining layer eyelets laces heel logo lacetip toebox mudguard overlay toe roll 200x133 - Blog

All sneaker terms and abbreviations you need to know

When you’re looking for sneakers on sales platforms and social media, you will be thrown to death with it: complicated and often incomprehensible sneaker terms. Sometimes they are abbreviations, but often they seem like self-invented words. Don’t worry, you’re not…     READ MORE

nike air max 1 laces outsole veters 200x133 - Blog

What length shoelaces do I need for my sneakers?

When your sneaker laces are broken or just very dirty, they need to be replaced. But it may also be the case that you simply want to give your pair of sneakers a unique look. What we also see is that Nike are overlooking the perfect lace-up match. We got…     READ MORE

Fake counterfeit neppe Nike Air Max 1 Skull Pack Blue 200x133 - Blog

How do I recognize a fake, counterfeit or replica Nike Air Max 1 sneaker?

For a sneaker enthusiast, “fake” sneakers are taboo. No go. Really impossible. No matter how dope they are. Fake is fake. Yet almost everyone ever secretly falls for it, and is confronted on the street or at a placed “womft” with the fact that the sneakers might be fake…     READ MORE

sneakers schoonmaken sneaker cleaning carbon lab collonil 1 200x133 - Blog

How to clean your sneakers and keep them fresh?

Have you bought a pair of sneakers that could use a cleaning? Or do you want to be sure that you can enjoy your sneakers for as long as possible? We have some useful tips then! By taking good care of your sneakers, they last longer and retain their value…     READ MORE

Outsole Nike Air Max 1 Albert Heijn Parra 200x133 - Blog

Why are second hand sneakers so valuable?

When we are at a sneaker event we have hundreds of Nike Air Max 1s with us. The prices of these Nike Air Max 1s are rising considerably. Price tags of € 1,000, but also of € 3,000 and € 10,000 are not special for Outsole. We all understand that sometimes a million is paid for a piece of art…     READ MORE

Nike Air Max 90 Infrared Family OG Outsole 200x133 - Blog

This is how you solve sneakers being too small or too big

The biggest challenge when shopping for second-hand sneakers online: is the size right? Not every sneaker is the same. Even within a certain model there is a difference between the one and the other release. The best tip? In any case, adjusting your socks or cutting your toenails with a hedge trimmer won’t be…     READ MORE

Nike Air Max 1 Grape 2003 Outsole 200x133 - Blog

The differences between men’s and women’s sneakers

We hear it more and more often: “Oh, this release is for women only?!”. After all, it’s a women’s release. So it will be, you would think. However, that is not how it works in the sneaker world. In fact, most women’s sneakers are more sought after than the average male sneaker among the male sneakerheads…     READ MORE

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